ISO page for MoSSEC project (ISO/AWI 22071)

ISO/TC 184/SC 4 project page - ISO/AWI 22071

MoSSEC using the zip files in PolarSys-Papyrus

MoSSEC using the zip files in PolarSys-Papyrus
A pdf of instructions on how to load the TOICA public zip files into PolarSys-Papyrus. It assumes that PolarSys - Papyrus are already installed.

MoSSEC Getting Started

MoSSEC Getting Started
pdf with suggested links for finding details of the MoSSEC business object model

TOICA Public Deliverables

TOICA website public deliverables page

SysML Guides

Guides for installing PolarSys, downloading the SysML model and developing content. Note: this includes guides for more that MoSSEC templates. Note: Authentication needed

SysML Viewer

HTML viewer on the live SysML model at Chalmers. Note: authentication needed. Contact Adrian Murton

Descriptive Documentation

The descriptive documentation (CRESCENDO) for the Business Objects in html. unzip the file and open index.html


zip file of the CRESCENDO UML model (2012). This contains a zip of an html view of the model, and a zip of the xmi exported from Enterprise Architect