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zip file of MoSSEC
42,078.6k 1 No
MoSSEC Contacts list.xlsx 115.4k 21857 No View View
DIS ballot
Zip file of comments received from DIS ballot
52.5k 0 No
AP243 summary of updates to DIS documents since CD.pptx
summary of updates in DIS since CD
649.0k 0 No
Version of DIS submitted to ballot
39,393.7k 3 No
ISO_CD 22071 collated comments with response.xlsx
Spreadsheet format of the collated comments (including late comments from UK) with initial response, links to bugzilla and some colour status fomating Updates - included column to allow filtering on keywords. Updates following comments during meeting 3rd Oct 10 Oct. Completion of US ballot comments. Jan 2021 - completed WRT DIS - mostly just change of the status, but a few extra observations all starting with Jan 2021
75.0k 12 No
12May2020. Zip file of LOTAR MIX MoSSEC test data. Contains readme Folders - contain the mdzip (a copy/paste so likely to have broken links) _xxx.png = object diagrams Note: for the following the External<xxx> entities will be updated. DomainModel.xsd = XSD for MoSSEC with inheritance DomainModel_flatten.xsd = XSD for MoSSEC with no inheritance TestData.xml = XML for the LOTAR MIC test data.
3,877.7k 17 No
AP243 + 4443 documentation.
18,222.4k 18 No
Draft version of 10303-18 SysML to webservices (generic to all 10303)
866.5k 10 No
DomainModel XSD.xsd
Draft XSD for the AP243 domain model
285.6k 9 No
Domain model OpenAPI json
OpenAPI json for the domain model 27 Jan 2020
38.8k 15 No
Hand generated reduced MoSSEC XSD for LOTAR manifest. (There may be human errors)
69.6k 16 No
View of the treacability for models - may not be needed in the manifest
206.5k 10 No
View of the MoSSEC for Verification for support of VV in the LOTAR manifest
119.2k 10 No
Illustration of MoSSEC objects that may be used for the PLM and Variables section of the LOTAR manifest
509.3k 20 No
a slide showing (ideas for) how external reference included in the XSD. Under discussion in ISO 10303 teams
55.8k 0 No
Zip file of the AP243 domain model XML export from Magic draw. Note it has external links as part of the mapping which will be broken.
2,316.1k 14 No
AP243 overview of updates to DIS documents since CD.pptx
An overview of the updates to the HTML documents since the Committee Draft
3,293.0k 11 No
AP243 Draft DIS Documentation
Zip file of the HTML pages and images. Containing all the updates since the Committee Draft
20,098.6k 51 No
AP243 Draft DIS for AAM/CM
A zip file of the documentation html for AP243 for review of the updated AAM and CM
18,707.7k 8 No
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