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To Do: what to call the standard (like "242", "239") Version Submitted to SC4
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2016-May-04 minutes.pdf
Minutes from the bi-weekly webex of 04 May 2016
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2016-Apr-20 minutes.pdf
Minutes from bi-weekly WebEx 20Apr 2016
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Hotel Credit Card Authorisation.docx
Credit card authorisation for Holiday Inn. docx to enable editing.
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MoSSEC NWI planning.pptx 772.9k 9 No
MoSSEC Business Case.docx
Explains the business case(s) for MoSSEC. It includes the architecture, problem statements, global process as scenario descriptions
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2016-Apr-06 minutes.pdf
Minutes from bi-weekly WebEx 06 Apr 2016
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PWI v4.docx
Preliminary Work Item. Updates: cleaned of AP239 content. ToDo: confirm advocates and participants. Dates for CD, DIS etc
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NAFEMS European SPDM Dec 2015.pdf 6,309.5k 6 No
MoSSEC Webinar 4: How to implement SOAP web services for MoSSEC.pdf
This webinar is in two parts: · Part1 (45 minutes) Introduction to the BDA web services · Part2 (45 minutes) Detailed look at how to use the BDA web services Aims: - Provide an overview of what the BDA web services are - Provide an explanation of how to use them to put/get information from the distributed dataset Why required: - To enable software providers to exploit information in the distributed dataset to satisfy the collaborative nature of the use cases Audience: - Anyone who wants an overview of the BDA web services (first half only) - Software providers who want to utilise the web services in their applications Prerequisites: - Not to be “frightened” by code level explanations (second half only) What is not covered: - Justification for the MoSSEC Business Object Model - Specific implementations for all tools/languages - How to implement RESTful web services
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2016-Feb-24 minutes.pdf
Minutes from bi-weekly webex 24 Feb 2016
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2016-Mar-26 minutes.pdf
Minutes from the bi-weekly webex of 26 March 2016
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PWI draft v3.docx
Preliminary Work Item v3
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