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Minutes of meeting 03 Oct 2018.pdf
Minutes of meeting 03 Oct 2018
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Minutes CAx-IF PDES offsite Sept 2018.docx
Minutes from CAx-IF workshop at PDES offsite in September 2018 summarizing the decisions on some aspects of XSD format
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ISO 10303 Services questions for CAx-IF Sept2018.pptx
presentation of questions on services and schemas with backgound slides (mainly hidden) for discussion with CAx-IF at PDES offsite Sept 24th Updated with notes from workshop
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Minutes of meeting 12 Sept 2018.pdf
Minutes of meeting 12 Sept 2018
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MoSSEC Status Update 12-Sept-2018.pdf
MoSSEC Status Update 12-Sept-2018 (slides)
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updates from CD: AAM now IDEF0 style Changes to image html style Various updates to CM
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Minor Scope Extension proposal.pdf 728.7k 7 No
listing and details of proposed entities to move from v2 into v1 of MoSSEC
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Committee Draft results and
Committee Draft results and comments
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Powerpoint with discussion points on changes to the XML schema
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Zip of CD 07 Feb 2018 - Updates include: N numbers; completion of CM image maps; CM and Services alphabetic; adding Computer Interpretable page for CM and Services XML; Reversion to std colours for bdd; Overlay of relationships in BDD; update of DM index to include Select and Enum Ready for review (missing mapping where CTC not available) 14 Feb. Added Auxiliary to DM 4.5 defn tab. Complete reworking of Conformance Class clause 6 28 Feb xsd: removed not used + populated DataContainer Fixed missing letters in index added explanation when no XSD or JSON in 4.5 removed extraneous comments updated overview_bdd to have linked packages to 4.2 table of contents now fully expands to all heading levels in (most)files. 07 March Changed all assocations with "shared" aggregation (white diamond) to "none" aggregation (no diamond) in line with STEP instructions. 27 March Changes request by WG12 convenor. Many small cosmetic changes, but also completed more mappings and elaborated the "problem" notes 29 March Updates to dates on cover page and meta 10 April Updates to introduction and added more T&D. Also cosmetic updates (merging figures list. bullets with ;, image maps for chrome/safari) 12 April added DoD refs to normRefs and updated T&D to list from these. Also updates to T&D from Wikipedia to have last ref dates
18,179.2k 80 No
Listing of the "Problem" comments in CD mappings, with esitmate of effort for us (~13MD) and Experts (~2.5MD) when AP239ed3 CTC are available.
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Description document accompanying CD. Rationale and definition of the technology independent services 28 March 2018 - updates following review
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Slides explaining the MoSSEC CD structure and how/why it is different from Ap242ed2_DIS. shown to WG12/21 1st Feb 2018
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MoSSEC MoM 10 January 2018.pdf 217.4k 15 No
MoSSEC CD Status.pptx
Document providing the latest status of the CD, and the issues that need to be resolved in the script that produces the official documentation
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Zip file of HTML export of AP243. Includes Conceptual Model, Domain Model, Conformance Classes and Services. Also includes legacy for ed2/3 and some test data Updated 10 Jan 2018
32,611.9k 35 No
MoSSEC MoM 06 December 2017.pdf 223.8k 12 No
zip file of the diagrams that are used as the conceptual model. One is a IBD that creates a logical grouping of the DM objects roughly relating to the UoF. The other is a simplified (things hidden) view of the DM.
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