Project Management


Project Steering Committee

The project is under the management of a project steering committee (PSC). The PSC is composed of one representative from each funding member and from the project management team. The PSC is in charge of:

  • Validating the development budget allocation on the work packages
  • Controlling the progress of the project
  • Validation of the communication actions

Technical Board

The technical board is for resolution of cross WP issues and participation in the following ISO /TC 184 / SC 4/ working groups:

  • WG12 “STEP product modeling and resources “- integration of STEP (should not be large for MoSSEC compared to AP242/239)
  • WG21 “SMRL Validation Team “ - voting approval for WG12
  • WG22 - vocabularies - enumeration

The Project will use the WG12 management tools: ISO web-conferencing, ISO Livelink repositories and forums, STEP New Architecture Framework (TBD), and Bugzilla. The project deliverables: data models, documentation, etc..., will be delivered directly in the STEP New Architecture Framework (TBD) environment. Note: the STEP New Architecture framework is currently under development.

Project Team

The Project Leader will be appointed by the PSC and is responsible for:

  • Managing the ISO process
  • Reporting the project status to the PSC
  • Schedule, manage and report to all the PSC meetings
  • Scheduling and managing a monthly meeting with the development teams in order to identify synergies or divergences
  • Providing the agenda and minutes of the meetings

The Project Editor is in charge of assembling the ISO documentation from the elements published in STEP New Architecture Framework [TBD] by the development teams.

Each work package will have a development team and may share participants.