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Modelling and simulation data is used to justify change decisions and to validate the product throughout development, certification and in-service. There are already mature standards for exchange of the modelling and simulation technical data, but these either do not include traceability to the systems engineering and product data management [PDM] context, or are inefficient for data sharing. This context information can be summarized as “who”, “what”, “where”, “when”, “how”, “why”, and the goal of the MoSSEC AP is to provide the standard for efficient sharing of this information. The MoSSEC AP will be agnostic of the type of modelling and simulation, and of the industry domain. It is the intention that the modelling and simulation data will continue to be exchanged with the technical standards in use today (e.g. AP209, AP210, AP242, FMI).

MoSSEC coupled to the technical standards will enable competitive and robust product development in global teams, where modelling and simulation data is fully traceable to the PDM referential, and enable quick validation of next design changes, whether in concept, product development or in-service phases.

Interaction with other standards

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As described on, the objective of LOTAR is to develop, test, publish and maintain standards for long-term archiving and retrieval of digital data, such as 3D CAD and PDM data. The LOTAR standards do not define new product information model standards, but reference the appropriate ISO 10303 STEP Application Protocols. When limitations of these standards are identified, the LOTAR project contributes to the enhancements of these standards. Example: LOTAR contributions to the AP 242 project and to the harmonization for PDM between AP 242 and AP 239 PLCS .

MoSSEC maps to these same standards through the New STEP Architecture, and so there will be a direct mapping from MoSSEC business objects to the standards used for LOTAR making MoSSEC compatible with LOTAR.