MoSSEC @ INCOSE International Workshop 2023

Monday 30th January 2023 - 10:30am to 5:30pm PST - Torrance, CA

This workshop will discuss the latest MoSSEC tool implementations that meet specific key use cases such as PLM interoperability, model reuse and model-based collaboration with suppliers.

All are welcome to attend with either novice or expert understanding of the standard, either physically or virtually by registering for the main INCOSE IW conference.

We will also conduct interactive exercises and discuss practical activities of MoSSEC interoperability.

Topics to be covered: the Value of MoSSEC, PLM Interoperability and the Digital Thread, Long Term Archival and Retrieval of models, OEM Supplier Tech Data Package collaboration, Applying MoSSEC at Airbus, Model Information Cards, MoSSEC and OSLC, and an open Discussion of MoSSEC Interoperability.

More information available here

ISO 10303-243 - MoSSEC

Modelling and Simulation information in a collaborative Systems Engineering Context

An ISO standard to improve decision making for complex products.

What is MoSSEC?

  • The ISO STEP standard enabling the sharing and exchange of Modelling and Simulation contextual metadata.
  • Defining the complete data structure for recording Modelling and Simulation contextual metadata, built upon the ISO 10303-4000 STEP core model library.
  • Exposing and recording the context of raw data, the fundamental bridge to encoding and transferring information and knowledge from experts into a machine interpretable metadata framework.
  • Therefore MoSSEC facilitates the optimisation of decision making processes within a collaborative multi-company, discipline, platform, etc. system.



There are mature PLM platforms in the marketplace that manage traceability, why should we consider MoSSEC?

The distinguishing feature of the traceability targeted by MoSSEC is the need for interoperable traceability between:

    • Teams

    • Platforms

    • Organizations

...permitting knowledge exchange irrespective of the platform.


How do you MoSSEC?

MoSSEC is the complementary standard to existing technical M&S standards capturing collaborative SE context data.

Combining the technical data with its context provides the MoSSEC Distributed Dataset or a "150% model", to which queries can then be made.

MoSSEC data is communicated between tools following the ISO 10303-18 Web Services standard. The two documented exchange methods are Direct communication or utilisation of an Intemediary Collaboration Hub


Get using MoSSEC

MoSSEC is the published ISO standard, ISO 10303-243:2021 and is a member of the ISO 10303 STEP standards.

The road to interoperability

You can learn more and get involved with our upcoming Application Forum. By getting in touch with the leaders of the MoSSEC project: