ISO 10303-243 - MoSSEC

Modelling and Simulation information in a collaborative Systems Engineering Context

An ISO standard to improve decision making for complex products.

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Interaction with other Standards

MoSSEC will provide the standard for the systems engineering context information which is linked to the modelling and simulation data whenever it is shared or exchanged. 

For more information on how MoSSEC interacts with:

  • Technical standards such as STEP and LOTAR

  • Linked data standards such as OSLC

  • Systems Engineering standards such as ISO 15288

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MoSSEC Project Management

The MoSSEC project is divided into six work packages controlled by a Steering Committee, Project Team and a Technical Board.

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Latest News Latest News

MoSSEC is now published as an International Standard

MoSSEC is now published as an International Standard. Its formal name is ISO 10303-243:2021. The standard can be purchased on the ISO website ( here ) 

DIS ballot unanimously passed

MoSSEC (ISO 10303-243) has unanimously passed its Draft International Ballot. We received about 60 comments which were mainly editorial. We have already started the process to resolve the...

MoSSEC is now officially part of the STEP family

 The MoSSEC project is now formally known as ISO 10303-243. As such it will have strong links with the other ISO 10303 standards (known as STEP), especially ISO 10303-4000

Latest Documents Latest Documents

MoSSEC using the zip files in PolarSys-Papyrus

MoSSEC using the zip files in PolarSys-Papyrus
A pdf of instructions on how to load the TOICA public zip files into PolarSys-Papyrus. It assumes that PolarSys - Papyrus are already installed.

MoSSEC NWI presentation

MoSSEC NWI presentation
MoSSEC NWI presentation (4th October 2016)

MoSSEC Getting Started

MoSSEC Getting Started
pdf with suggested links for finding details of the MoSSEC business object model